August 9, 1943


Mon. nite

Aug. 9, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad –

Finally found a large enuff envelope to contain the pics I promised you. Hope you enjoy them – they show Roger & I in our best obstacle-course form.


Well another week is here & still nothing stirring as far as orders are concerned. Naturally we’re getting a little anxious but there’s nothing we can do about it, so I guess we’ll just keep on enjoying our stay here until it happens.

Had a wonderful weekend & quite economical too for the fun we had. Went dancing with Nancy Sat. nite to the music of Henry Busse – doubling with Loper & Sylvia. Sunday I took Nancy & her two galfriends out to the beach swimming. The girls packed some sandwiches, so we had a little picnic on the sand. We had some Calif. Peaches that were as large as kitten-balls. At night I was invited over to the Fenwicks for supper & spent the evening there. All in all – a very pleasant weekend.

I checked back in your letter to see if I read it wrong about Arts girlfriend getting married. You were right – I did. I’ll be more careful.

Sykes wrote me as you said he would. I got both his & your letters today. Was surprised to hear he actually took the leap. Maybe it’ll be good for him – hope so.

Well – it’s getting late & I want to drop Dot a note with some pictures, so I’ll say good night.

My Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen