August 14, 1943


Aug. 14, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad –

Just a note to let you know I’m still around & in the best of health. ‘Tis Saturday afternoon – warm & sunny. Am in San Francisco at above hotel just kinda restin’ up for my date tonight. Roge & I are taking the girls, Nancy & Sylvia, to see a play tonight “Doughgirls.” Will probably stop at the Officers Club afterwards for a few dances & a bite to eat.

Last Wed. nite Nancy cooked me a juicy steak supper. Wish you could have seen the size of those T-bones – the two of em filled a big platter. I told her while I was eating that if you could see me now – eating all that meat – you’d fall over in a dead faint. I still think it’s the most meat I ever ate at one sitting – had to clean up the plate, naturally, to keep from insulting the girl. It really was good, tho.

Haven’t been doing anything exciting in camp lately, however we do manage to keep in good shape. We do our setting-up exercises every morning, & run the obstacle course in the afternoon. Last Tues. we took a 12 mile stroll over a range of hills & ended up at a swimming pool. We had lunch there and swam all afternoon. Then we headed back to camp in G.I. trucks.

I was surprised to hear that the Aquatennial was being celebrated again this year. Thought all of that kind of thing was out for the duration. How about the State Fair – will they have that too? I thought the Govt. had taken all those buildings out there on the grounds.

The other day I got a hitch-hike from a fellow by the name of Kronick – a 2nd Lt. He turned out to be from Mpls. & a son of the Kronick who has the big cleaners in Mpls. Seems like every day I meet someone new from Mpls. or at least from some place in Minnesota.

I spose you have received the pictures by now & have seen me at my ruggedest in the obstacle course. How do you like my fatigue outfit – they’re about 2 sizes too roomy & look like bloomers, but I guess they’ll serve the purpose.

Well, I feel a shower & a shave coming on so will close & get busy. So long for now.



Christian Olsen