Dorance Pershing Alquist

Grew up in Minneapolis, MN with his father Oscar, mother Edna and sister Dorothy. He was drafted into service in 1941. He and his friends decided to call each other by their initials and therefore DPA became "Dippy" and eventually just "Dip." The nickname was easier to say than Dorance and so it stuck. Interests include skiing, golf, bowling, dancing and social gatherings.


Edna Alquist

Dip's mother generally runs the family's affairs. She excelled in home economics and unwound by playing cards. Every year she looked forward to vacation at the cabin on Gull Lake in Brainerd, MN. In fact while Dip was heading off to Fort Snelling the family was headed up to the cabin for vacation!


Oscar Alquist

Dip's proud father. Sergeant in the Army under General Pershing, he chased Pancho Villa into Mexico before the U.S. joined World War I. With much respect for the General, he gave his son the middle name "Pershing." After serving in the Army he settled into a management position at American Linen Co. of Minneapolis. He spends his time playing sports including golf, bowling, baseball, football and fishing.


Dorothy Alquist

Dip's beloved older sister. Seen here helping him figure out his new camera. Married to Arlo Jordan.

4115 39th Ave S.jpg


4115 39th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN


Bob Coll

One of Dorance's best friends from Minneapolis and one of the Kinsmen. They both ended up at Fort Bragg and are currently deciding what their next move in the service will be. Bob's girlfriend is Ardell Bockler who sent a note to Dorance when Coll was laid up in the hospital.


Rolie Iverson

Another of Dip’s best friends from Minneapolis and one of the Kinsmen. Dorance and Rolie embarked on a three week tour of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area before reporting for duty at Fort Snelling.