August 18, 1943 (Marion Sneen)



Dear Dippy ******

Orders from Washington? – Sick in bed? – Been transferred? – Married? - . Well, what in H___ (heck) has happened? If you did call, the switch board operator slipped up on giving me the message. Come on, fess up.

I’m just taking it for granted you received my chatter note telling you that we had moved. That was about a month or so ago now.

In the last month, we have gone to Lagoona Beach twice. Sure do love that spot. Last time we went we took some pictures and as soon as I get the prints from the other kids, will send you a few snaps. (am enclosing one, will send others later. No can find now.) Guess I told you it was a former artist’s colony, didn’t I? It’s only 60 miles from L.A. right on the ocean. Mmmmm Mmmmm. This California weather sure agrees with me.

Gee, Dip, do I ever wish you could have come up now when Sophie Tucker is at the Florentine Gardens. You’d get the biggest kick out of her, she’s a really wonderful entertainer. By the way Jimmie Dorsey is at the Palladium. He’s nice too, doncha think?

Here I go rambling on and on like I get around immensely. Guess I’m just trying to tell you what you missed out on, huh? ‘Spose you hit some pretty cute spots in San Francisco, too.

Last night we had thirteen girls over for a picnic dinner, on the floor of our apartment; and I might add we later beered up and had a good ole crazy time. It was a farewell party on my present roommate who is a scool-techur. She had to sign a lease that she would be back in Clinton, Wisconsin to carry on with her teaching duties in the fall. Her name is Elaine Hammarlund, “Ham” for short.

My former mate, LaVerne Smith has been staying with a girlfriend in Hollywood for the last month, because we had to move and couldn’t find anything so had to finally split up. She is going back to Minneapolis for a vacation and then is moving in with me again. Sure will be good to hear some Minneapolis news again.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you. August 5th was my mother’s birthday, so I called her long-distance. Man! Was it wonderful to hear her and Pop’s voice. Seemed just as though they were right in the city, and then when I hung up it seemed as though they were millions of miles away and I had a lost feeling, sorta. But, I’m real proud of my mother and myself for not crying because I hesitated to call for that reason.

Well, I’ve just filled the page with nuthin’ (didn’t realize I was so far down) and anyway I’m real anxious to hear from you and hear what’s up, so write soon willya?

Did you know Likk and Dick were married? I’m sorta mad at her because she didn’t send me an announcement or let me know she was getting married so soon, or I haven’t heard nothing since, from her, or nothing. (I’ve got plenty of nothing) My mother sent me the clipping from the paper and it said “Miss Marian Lueck, from Los Angeles” etc. Well, she was actually just from there. From what I hear they are living in Tennessee.

This is after work now, so for now –

Bye, & write, Dip

Your puzzled friend


Christian Olsen