August 24, 1943


Aug. 24, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad –

Well – well, I do believe ‘tis been over a week since I last took hold of my trusty pen & wrote home. Shame on me – after writing quite faithfully for the last couple of months. I’d better turn over a new leaf.

I do have a little news for you about the “situation” here, altho, because of the strict censorship we are now under I can’t say much. I am now in Cp. Stoneman which is just across the street from where I was. We marched over here a week ago & have been waiting here since. Need **********************************************? Can’t say anymore & keep out of trouble so lets change the subject.

I took Nancy to dine & dance at the Peacock Court at the Mark Hopkins hotel last Tues. night. We danced to the tunes of Joe Reichman’s orchestra – a very fine band. At the very next table to us sat none other than Norma Shearer & her young husband. She looked surprisingly young & lovely for her age. She must be well along in years cuz, gosh, she was in the very first cinema I can remember seeing – The Student Prince with Ramon Navaro. Also among those present that night was Dwight Eisenhower, Jr. – we sure were out among ‘em weren’t we?!

I was a little sickish last Sunday for the first time in ages. Guess I had a little touch of food poisoning from some pressed ham I ate in a little restaurant just outside of camp. I sure took a lot of ribbing about it when I last my cookies on Sun. morning – nothing I could say would convince the boys that I didn’t have a too big Sat. nite. My stomach is still a little fluttery but I’m feeling much better now. I figure it was all good practice for sea-sickness.

Say – I just noticed that the last letter I got from you was dated the 11th so I guess I’m not the only one who’s slow. Of course it might be that my mail is pretty well messed up since I changed posts. By the way – the old A.P.O. address is still the correct one to use until you hear otherwise.

I’m wondering if you got those pictures of Roge & I on the obstacle course. I was aware that those photos I had taken weren’t so extra special, but at least you can tell it’s me. Sorry they weren’t better likenesses.

Now it’s getting late so I’ll say g’nite ‘till next time. Write.

Love & greetings,


Christian Olsen