August 28, 1943


August 28, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad –

Received letters from both you & Dot yesterday that were written on the 18th. That’s an indication of the mess our mail is in since we moved over here.

Have completely recovered from the little sick spell. Took a 12 mile hike yesterday with pack, gas mask, & rifles, which put me right back in the pink of condition.

Took in a show last night – a very good one for a change. You’ve heard of it no doubt – So Proudly We Hail. It tells of the struggles of our army nurses that were on Bataan.

I had my hair cut short again for the first time since being in O.C. School. Sure feels great – I just stick my head out the window every morning & let the cool breeze comb my hair. Roge had his clipped too – he looks like a young robin.

For your’s & Esther’s info, W.O.’s wear the same uniform as officers do. The only difference is in the bars.

Those pics of Sykes sounded very interesting – sorry I couldn’t have seen them. For that reason I think I’ll hang on to my camera when I go over. Will try to pick up as much film here as possible cuz I guess it’s pretty scarce over seas.

Just wrote a note to Dot also & I’m getting a little pen crampy so I guess I’ll forego the writing for awhile & go back to reading A Tale of Two Cities (I’m in the middle of it – good tale) Now I’ll say good night – write again soon.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen