September 1, 1943


Sept. 1, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad –

Had a letter from you today in which you said you hadn’t had a letter for 12 days. Well I’ve been writing pretty regularly for the last couple o’ weeks, so I take it the mail situation is really congested right now. All my mail is being censored now – that must be the reason for its being slowed up.

I’m still here in the same spot – living on borrowed time. Don’t know when the zero hour will come but feel it can’t be far off now. We’ve been taking hikes, running obstacle courses, & attending lectures to keep occupied. Don’t get into town quite as much because this camp is much more restricted. Had a 24 hr. pass yesterday so I went in to see the girlfriend – first time off the post for a week & a half.


Had a letter from Rolie last week. He’s fine & likes it where he is. Says he’s playing a lot of baseball, & plans to go deep-sea fishing soon. Also had a V-mail from Lee. He’s on an island down in the So. Pacific – says its not such a bad life there which is encouraging to me. He also said that Jan. 20th is the date set for Lee, Jr.

Well – what a surprise – had a note from one of my Sill O.C.S. classmates. It was about my footlocker of all things. Evidently they still have it there in the warehouse. He wanted to know where to send it so I told him to send it to you & gave him the address. It might not reach me in time, & besides I have enough equipment now. If I can locate the key in my junk here I’ll send it. Pay the charge & I’ll send home some money as soon as I’m flush (goodness knows it won’t be ‘till I hit the boat).

About things I sent home – the hat is too bulky to pack & I won’t need it anyway. I have another pair of dress shoes & also an extra pr. of pinks so thought I’d conserve space for more important things. We’re allowed only a footlocker, a barracks bag & bed roll. – not much room.

I’m out of news now so will say good nite. Hope you have my other letters by this time.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen