August 4, 1943


Wed. Aug. 4

8 P.M.

Officers Club

Dear Folksies:

Well at last I’m experiencing the old letter-writing mood again. Have been “out of it” for some time now.

Strange as it may seem we are still biding our time here in Pittsburg awaiting the fateful day. Have no idea when it will come. No – we haven’t changed camps even.

In the meantime I’m still having one wonderful time here & in Frisco. Loper’s galfriend, Sylvia, got me a blind date last Saturday night to go “ice skating” (of all things). Needless to say we had a bang-up time & we all discovered that we were very much out of practice. The date, Nancy Fenwick, turned out to be very super – nice-looking – blond – blue eyes – charming, & a graduate of Cal. U. Sun. morning Roge & I & the two girls had breakfast at Sylvia’s & then proceeded to spend the day just hiking around & generally being very lazy.

Tues. nite I went in town & took Nancy to a show. Thurs. nite the 4 of us are having dinner at the Officers Club in Frisco & then expect to do some bowling. Oh what a dull existence – this army life! Frankly I can’t remember when I’ve had more fun anywhere & I’m going to miss it when I’m gone over the bounding waves. Sometimes I have “qualms of conscience” about running around so much & spending all my monthly income, but I have an idea that the time will come soon when I’ll be sitting on a desert island somewhere way out in the blue Pacific with my pockets jingling with silver & absolutely an abundance of nothing to do. Then I’ll be glad that I took every opportunity to have a good time while I could.

Dot wrote & told me how much she liked the book – especially the way it was bound, etc. I’m glad because that’s one of the reasons why I picked it out – I knew she’d go for the classy cover & drawings inside.

I had a letter from Swany the other day in which he told me his whole history but as yet I haven’t heard from Sykes. I guess he must be busy with that sweetheart of his.


Also had letters recently from Biven, Rolie, Lyle, & Lorraine Schmidt. Ches Biven is stationed in Penn. –quite near his home in Pittsburg – Rolie is in S. America & has a land job at the present – Lyle is traveling all over the U.S.A. doing shows & I imagine is making money like mad. He even has his own manager & writer who gives him all his gags & ideas. – Lorraine & Court (her husband) are in a camp in Indiana where Court is on the last lap of becoming a 2nd Lt. in Air Force.

Well I could jabber on like this all night but I guess I’d better answer a few other letters tonight so I’ll get some in return. So good night, till next time.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen