July 9, 1943


July 9, 1943

Hi Marion –

Just got your letter this noon & am now answering it on Gov’t time – its only 2 P.M. In fact right now I’m A.W.O.L. cuz I’m supposed to be attending a lecture at the post theater. I figure this is much more important than listening to a dry ol’ lecture that I’ve probably heard a dozen times before. Just hope they don’t check the role.

Well – thanks for the phone number, Marion – I’ll be a callin’ ya very shortly. By the way – you said your phone was going to be disconnected a couple of weeks ago – also you said you were going to move in the near future. I guess you must have exercised your feminine privilege & changed your mind.


No I haven’t heard any more info concerning passes. I think it’s possible however to get a 1 day leave of absence. I also heard about fellows getting a hop on an army bomber from San Francisco to L.A. Now if I could hitch up one of those 1 dayers to a weekend & then get a plane ride it would really be a deal. There are a lot of “ifs” there but certainly worth a try. We won’t set any dates or make any plans because things are too indefinite as we both found out to our mutual sorrow. I don’t think you’d mind if I’d just drop-in unexpectedly – would you?

Today I also had a letter from Rollie – the lad is still down in So. America. He has a job on land now, and says he likes his work very much because its along the line of his experience I guess that would be instrument repair because he used to fix watches at the jewelry store. He’s in good health.

Well, Marion, ‘till you hear the phone ring be good & for gosh sakes keep your eye on that tide. Yes – I’ll take a Minn. lake anytime. So long.

As ever,


Christian Olsen