July 11, 1943


Pittsburg Replacement Depot

Pittsburg, Calif.

July 11, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad –

Something different – pencil this time. I’m on duty this weekend at Bn. Hdqs. & don’t happen to have my pen on me so consequently the pencil. It’s kinda fun – haven’t written with one for a long time.

Well I had my supper date with this Betty Jane Dutro whom I met at our Officer’s dance here two weeks ago. It really panned out swell. She works in the office of Columbia Steel Mill – near here. I met she & her aunt at the mill & rode home with them. Betty stays with her aunt whose husband was drafted just a month & a half ago – so there were just the three of us for supper. Wish you could have seen me cuz those gals really put me to work. I had to quarter, salt & pepper, & flour the fried chicken, mash potatoes, shuck corn, & chop the salad – oh yes & peel tomatoes for same. Then after the meal I was quickly cornered, aproned & made to wash the dishes. To top it off – later on I sprinkled the lawn for them. I kept telling ‘em all this was simply beneath the dignity of an officer, but they just didn’t seem to understand. Anyhow just to show them there was no hard feelings I took them to the show to see “The Moon Is Down.” After that we went back to the house & snacked on cold chicken & lemon pie. They offered to run me back to camp in the car but I insisted on hitch-hiking; A-cards are still too scarce & I still have quite an educated right thumb. Well, all in all, I certainly enjoyed the evening because it brought back that old feeling of home again. Hope I get another invitation soon. I’m planning to take Betty to the Shipstead & Johnson Lee Follies next Sat. or Sun. in San Francisco. I’m going in some night this week & get the tickets – understand they sell out pretty fast on weekends.

I was kind of puzzled & surprised at the tone of your last letter which I got yesterday. Boy – you certainly thought I had taken-off overseas. You even talked about getting letters from the War Dept. Don’t know what led you to believe that I had sailed unless a couple of my letters were too far between. I don’t know how soon it will actually happen but when I get ready to move out I’ll send you a telegram & let you know. Anyway the officers usually get a warning order a week or two before they have to go, so there’ll be plenty of time to write home.

Certainly was glad to see that Glen had won (I mean earned) his commission. I’ll bet Sis is plenty happy about it. Did you know Lloyd Handskemager whose picture was in the same group as Glen’s? He is the fellow who married Vi Seablom – the gal I used to date way back when. Guess I’ll write Rolie a letter & enclose the clipping – he’d be interested because he knew both Glen & Lloyd.

Well – seems if I run-on a lot more with a pencil than I do with my fountain pen. This is the first 2 page letter I’ve written since before O.C.S.

Now – remember don’t worry anymore about my shipping out – I’ll let you know when it happens. I’ll write again soon. So long.


Dorance Pershing Alquist

2nd Lt. U.S.A.


Christian Olsen