July 18, 1943 (Marion Sneen)


Dear Dip –

Yup – we finally did it – moved, I mean. Just finished packing some of our junk away.

Man! Nope I wouldn’t mind if you “just dropped in.” In fact, I’d be overjoyed, truly. Be sure you put your call in before 10:00 P.M., Dip, ‘cause there is a switchboard here & they receive no calls after 10:00. And if you “drop in” after 10:00, please try to call before so I can come down & let you in, woncha?

Oh, there I go “sorta plannin’.”

I hear Mickey is “expecting” in January, isn’t that swell? Marg Holt called & related the news. I see them once in awhile.

Call soon, woncha Dip.

I’ll be awaitin’ & have had no recent occasions to be bad, so will be good.



Opened this to ask if you have had a picture taken lately would really like one, Dip.

Christian Olsen