July 19, 1943



July 19, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad:

Well – at last we are going to get a little action around here – I’m actually on orders. I got my notice last Saturday that we are to take off on or about the 20th (tomorrow) for the P. of E. [Point of Embarkation] in San Francisco. Don’t expect you to be a bit surprised or excited about this because you thought I was gone a couple o’ weeks ago.

I can’t tell you anything very definite about the situation – we may stay right here in Pittsburg for another week or two before we actually take off. Also we may stay at Ft. Mason in Frisco for a week or two awaiting the boat. I think the latter guess is quite probable since we will have to be completely outfitted.

I don’t know where we are bound for, naturally, but have a hunch it will be tropical climate. Will probably know more concerning that later.

Roge Loper is also on the order so we are sticking together for a while at least. That’s a nice break. Earle Cook didn’t get on & he is naturally very disappointed. We seem to be parting ways this time for sure.

Just call me “last minute, Dip” but I finally had that picture taken that you & Dot have been crying for. Had it taken Sat. afternoon at the Emporium, a big Dept. store in Frisco. I ordered 3 pictures, 8 by 10, - doesn’t sound like many but the three came to $8.95. They must do good work as that price! The proofs will be ready by next Saturday. If I’m still in the neighborhood I shall pick out the one I like, but if not, then they will (after 1 week has lapsed) send the proofs to you & let you choose. Just put a big X on the back of the one you like & send them back & they will send you the 3 pictures. They’re all paid for so all you have to do is choose the pose you like best – only two poses taken. The negative number is 41322.

We are allowed to take only 175lbs. of luggage overseas with us. This includes only a blanket-roll, a footlocker, & a piece of hand baggage. Everyone uses a barracks-bag for the hand baggage because it holds so much, so guess I’ll do the same. As a result I shall be shipping home my Gladstone & also my little black grip. Will put in a few things that I won’t need over there.

History is being made tonight. It is actually raining right now – here at Pittsburg. This is the very first rain I have seen here since I came two months ago.

Oh yeah – I’ll have a new address too - & you had better start using it in your next letter to me. Here it is:     

       Lt. D.P. Alquist

                A.P.O. #7092

                c/o Postmaster

                San Francisco, Calif.

This will be my address ‘till I arrive at my destination – then we’ll get permanent A.P.O.’s.

Had a very swelligant weekend in San Francisco. I took Betty to the Ice Follies Sat. nite – she really got a kick out of it – her first time. We went to the Officers Club & danced afterwards. Slept ‘till noon on Sun. Picked up Betty at 2 o’clock & met Roge & his girl at the beach. We went bicycling & then took in the attractions, rollercoaster, fun house, etc. From there we went downtown for supper & home on the bus. Good time was had by all.

There has been a dirth of letters for Alquist for the last week & so help me I can’t understand it, cuz I’m all caught up on my correspondence & everybody owed me. Maybe I’ll have an avalanche of mail one of these days.


Sorry to make you turn the page over just to say goodnight but it is getting late & tomorrow might turn out to be a big day. So guess I’ll say good night! I’ll try to send a wire just before I actually board the ship so don’t get on needles & pins just yet. Good night again.

Love, Dorance

P.S. Did Dot get my book in time for the birthday party? Did she get to see the boys? Don’t forget to give Dot & Arlo one of the pictures when you get them. (Gee – I had a lot on my mind – didn’t I?)

Christian Olsen