July 21, 1943 (Rolie Iverson)


July 21, 1943

Wednesday night

Dear Dip:

Received your letter yesterday and was astounded by so speedy an answer. Apparently I over emphasized a few points in my last letter and you took me literally. Well that’s the way I wanted it taken but didn’t think it would carry so much punch. Was damned good to hear from you and all about you again.

You must have a sweet set up at present where you are. That week-ending in Frisco is enough to convince me that if it’s a good time you are looking for, it shouldn’t be hard to find. I also gather that you have been getting your share of same. Still handing out that line of not owing Swany “that buck” sounds good but I believe you are holding something back. Could be. You never would owe him a buck if you came from there straight here and saw the condition of things. It makes a man stop and think a dozen times before he tends to make some rash move.

Apparently M. Sneen is still on your preferred list. I myself have a hunch that all this may develop into the real thing. So many are doing it these days I expect you to fall in line about next. A month and a half planning and probably end up the same as Lee and I did in New York. We both got in N.Y. on the same day but amongst the millions of people couldn’t seem to locate each other. That is over a year ago and I still haven’t seen him. So it goes but I hope you meet up with better success than we did. Seems strange no matter how far away from home we get, seldom is the time we don’t meet some one from back home. Even here I have met several I know back there.

Whoever put you wise to South America? There are many opportunities here for most anyone who cares to tackle them. Unfortunately I can’t go into detail and explain the situation, but someday when we’re paddling out own canoe again we’ll have a discussion on “How fortunes can be made in S.A.” or “don’t you know when you’re well off.” Dip, if I ever take a trip outside of North America I’m certain it will be under pressure. I believe that before we are all through with the present ordeal we have under taken the opinion of all will be quite unanimously the same. You for one I believe will be able to see for yourself.


Dip before I forget to ask, has Lee left yet? Word from my sister at home tells me he is on his way to parts unknown. Haven’t heard from him so figured it could be quite possible. Thanks for including Sykes address, I’ll get a letter off to him shortly. How about that stuff of him being engaged? Had a letter from V. Karlson yesterday and she said she has been hearing quite regularly from Sykes. These women do things to him.

I expect to have some pictures back in a few days that several of us took. Will try to include several the next time I write. In the mean time take care of yourself, and if you should leave the best of luck to you Dip.

Letters are morale builders. I can use lots of them.

Pal, Rolie

Christian Olsen