July 6, 1943 (Marion Sneen)



Dear Dip –

It’s Ex. 0873. (Ex stands for Exposition). Hope you can call soon. I usually am home by 6:30 P.M. from work.

Have you heard any more about possible leaves or is it still as impossible?


Reasons for not writing sooner:

On June 13, two of our girlfriends from Mpls. arrived & stayed with us for a week and we then got our clothes ready & left for Lagoona Beach over the Fourth. It was wonderful there. It’s a former artist’s colony, right on the ocean side.

There were 5 of us girls. Oh yes, & your swimming friend (ahem, me) almost drowned. I was going to swim way out beyond the breakers and when I was coming in, the tide kept carrying me back & no progress – So I “requested a little help”. Man, it was really terrifying. I’ll take a lake & a diving board any day. You too?

I do love the ocean though (to watch).


We certainly were tearing around trying to entertain our Mpls. friends. Took in the “Blackouts of ‘43” It’s a vaudeville act starring Ken Murray & Morie Wilson. It was tops. You’d get a kick out of it too.

Call me up when you can, soon, huh?


P.S. Honestly, sorry you can’t make it in.

Christian Olsen