July 5, 1943



July 5, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad:

Hello again – I’m’ still here & nothing new has developed. I guess they must have forgotten all about me by now. I’m still doing duty with Company C here – we don’t kill ourselves with work but just manage to keep out of mischief.

This weekend I was in Frisco with Cook again – the town is beginning to seem like home to me now cuz I’ve seen so much of it. This blind-date that Lt. Loper got for me turned out to be a nice deal so I dated her this weekend. We went dancing at the Officers Club at the Leamington Hotel in Oakland. I probably won’t see her again now tho because she left this morning for a months vacation at a resort in Indiana.


However – I have another iron in the fire too. Last Wed. nite we had a dance for the officers here at our Post Officers club. At said dance I met a very nice little dark haired, olive skinned, blue eyed, Miss, by the name of Betty Jane. We danced well together too & before the evening was over I managed to get an invite to sup at her home some nite this week – ain’t that sumpthin. But here’s the catch – I have to mow the lawn for my supper. Is it worth it? Yeah – I guess I need the exercise.

I got a telegram today from Bob Coll in answer to the V-letter I sent him. He congratulated me on my commission. Don’t know why he telegrammed instead of writing, unless maybe he was afraid I’d be shipped out before the letter could reach me.

Bob Coll at a Kins Club picnic.

Bob Coll at a Kins Club picnic.

Haven’t heard from any of the others except Clayte – that was the one you forwarded. He seems to be still at Snelling. Lucky fellow!

Glad to hear that you had such a fine time on the vacation. The storm sounded swell – haven’t seen a drop of rain since I’ve been in Cal. Hope you’re o.k. – will write soon. So long.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen