June 3, 1943


Thursday Morning

Dear Mom & Dad:

Yes-I’m back here in San Francisco again. Earle & I each got a 1 day pass & came in on the bus last night. We had dancing dates with some gals we met last weekend. Today we are planning on going out to look over the waterfront & maybe take in Chinatown. We both just had a fancy downtown haircut –so we really look sharp. Look out Frisco.

Still don’t know when we’ll be moving out of Pittsburg because we haven’t heard any rumors of shipments. Oh well I don’t mind it here at all – it’s so close to town & the camp isn’t bad. We take a hike once every other day & a few calisthenics in the morning. Once in a while we go over the obstacle course. By the way- that obstacle business can be embarrassing at times. Last Fri. morning I took a big flop right in the middle of one of the mud holes. It was a deal where you run & jumped but missed the rope & landed face down right in the middle of the muck. So the old dry cleaning bill will go up a bit this month.


I surely was surprised & sorry to hear about Mr. Davidson’s death. I’m going to take your advice & write to Jeannette & her mother as soon as I get back in camp.

The money order I’ve enclosed is part of the pay I collected on the 31st. Just happened to think that my insurance is about due so I wish you’d pay the premium on it & then bank the remainder for me.

Well Earle is yelling at me to get “on the ball” so I guess I’d better say good bye for now. I’ll write soon.



Christian Olsen