June 7, 1943


June 7, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad:

It’s Monday morning and we just got back from one of those 3 hour hikes we take twice a week. T’was very nice hiking this morning - nice & cool.

                The weather here is really tops. It’s warm & sometimes hot here in the daytime. Then when the sun goes down it really gets cool - we wear our winter clothes at night when we go out & the trench coat comes in mighty handy. Daddy will be glad to hear that.

                We took off for Frisco again this weekend. I guess you don’t blame me for not missing any weekends while I’m here because the day will come when I’m really going to miss the city lights. One of my buddies here was on a 3 day pass in Frisco and already had a room at the Cliff so we just moved in on him & shared expenses. He had arranged for some dates. We went dancing at the Cirque Room in the Fairmont Hotel on Knob Hill. It’s right in the center of town & so steep & high that they run a special type of cable car up to the top. A regular streetcar could never make the incline it’s about 45 degrees.

One of those “once in a lifetime” experiences happened to me yesterday.  Cook and I were sitting & sipping a brew up in the sky-room on top of the Mark Hopkins (also on Knob Hill) – a spot from where you can see all of Frisco & the bay- & who should I see come in with a bunch of Lt. friends - none other than Luverne K. Snooserud - yeah Lee!! [Stensrud]

Boy I let out a yell & ran over grabbed his hand - he was so surprised he couldn’t say a thing for about 5 minutes. Naturally we sat right down and chewed the fat for a couple of hours. He’s now a 1st Lt. & looks tops - he’s put on about 20 lbs. Lee is also on his way for a boat ride - doesn’t know where. We are going to get together this Wed. eve for supper in Frisco. He left Micky in Texas & she went home from there.

Will probably have more to tell you after our meeting on Wed. so I’ll close now & write you then.  G’by.




Christian Olsen