May 25, 1943


Tues. Evening

Dear Folks:

Well – I’m still around – but I don’t know anymore of whats brewing than I did before. From Frisco – where I wrote you last – Cook & I came out here to Pittsburg. They had us sign a couple million papers & registers & then assigned us to quarters.

This is just a small camp tucked away between the hills to house the casual replacements before being sent to the staging area or P. of E. Some of the men who come in here are kept around for months & others go out in a couple o’ days, so naturally I don’t know how long I’ll be here.


We don’t have much to do here except bunk fatigue. Yesterday, however, they kept me busy. I was detailed as Inventory Officer at one of the Post Exchange here on the post. I had to go over all the stock in the P.X. & check the inventory which had already been made by the store manager. It was interesting work & helped to pass some time away.

We are free to leave the camp at 5 P.M. every nite & do not have to report ‘till 8 A.M. next morning. The towns around here are pretty dinky tho so theres really no place to go. This weekend we’re going to Frisco – we are off from 5 P.M. Sat. to 8 A.M. Monday. The bus service is pretty good from here to Frisco – about an hour & a half trip (35 miles) for $1.39.

Last Sat. afternoon after I wrote you – Cook, Vic Ostlund (big swede from Ely, Minn.) & I made “connections” with some gals & went to a tea dance at the Palace Hotel in Frisco. Pretty fancy spot it was – and we danced to no one less than Henry Busse. The bill only came to $12.75 (for 1 round of Tea & Crumpets) too so you see how reasonable a town this Frisco is.

So that’s the story so far & I’ll again write as soon [as] anything interesting develops. I hope that last letter didn’t cause you too much concern. Don’t worry about me.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen