May 22, 1943


May 22, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad:

Well – this time I really do have some big news for you. Now don’t let this bit o news bother or worry you one bit because I’m plenty happy about the whole thing & eager to see the world. You’ve probably guessed by this time – just whats cookin. The son is on his way to a port of embarkation.

O.K. now that you have fully recovered from the shocking news, we’ll go into a few of the details. I’ve been going to school for the last week at Roberts along with Cook & the rest of the boys that came from Sill with me. It’s really been rough – homework every nite & school all day – as bad as Sill. Then last Wed. – Cook got his shipping order to the P. of E. & we both thought our little combination was through. Well Thurs morning the Adjutant came into our class & read all another list of names & sure enuff Alquist was the top one. We were told to hand in our books, get a physical exam & start clearing the post. So now Cook & I are still chumming around together. Hope our luck holds out.

We spent Thurs. afternoon & Fri. morning packing & clearing the post. You have to go thru more red-tape to get out than to get in. There are a lot of men (better not mention numbers) going with us from Roberts – so many in fact that they had to close down the Post Graduate School ‘till the next bunch comes in from Sill.

Left Roberts last evening & took a bus up here to Frisco where we spent the night. I’m now writing from the hotel room here at the C lift – nice spot. We have only 24 hours to get there so we’ll have to take off soon. I wanted to write now because I have an idea our letters will be strictly censored when we get to the P. of E. From here we are going to a Replacement Depot about 40 miles inland where we’ll probably hang around for a week to a month ‘till we are thoroughly processed & equipped. Of course this is all guess work on my part because we won’t know ‘till we get there – just what’s in store for us. I hope they let us come in on pass to visit Frisco though – it’s really some town. Plenty of lovely gals around – just like Nicollet Ave. on Sat. afternoon.

Just in case I don’t get a chance to write in the next 2 or 3 days please don’t worry about me – I’ll be O.K. Will try to keep you posted on any new developments.

All my Love,




The last time I was home – Arlo suggested I make out some kind of code that I could use in my letters in case I got shipped out of the country. Well – I guess this is as good a time as any to figure it out so here goes. We’ll fool those censors with this one –

I’ll include in my letter – a sentence which goes like this: “By the way, be sure to send Arlo my three iron – he asked for it the last time I was home on leave.” The number or type of club will indicate the place in the world I’m writing from. Now let’s see if I can pick out some of the likely spots.

England                -Driver

Africa                    -Brassie

Aleutians             -Spoon

So. Pacific            -1 iron

Hawaii                   -2 iron

Australia              -3 iron

Alaska                   -4 iron

So. America        -5 iron

India                      -6 iron

China                    -7 iron

Greenland          -8 iron

That’s all I can think of right now. Sounds kinda silly but in case I can’t write you where I am it might come in handy. I’ll bet a dollar the place I go won’t be on the list anyway. In that case lets add one more to the list

Not on list           -9 iron


P.S. I received the barracks bag in fine shape & also the box of fudge. That was sure swell of you. I’m having the bag sent right up here & I’m sure the candy is going to come in pretty handy while we are here just waiting around. Thanks.

Christian Olsen