May 18, 1943 (Marion Sneen)


Dear Dippy –

Boy, your chances are very good. In fact, the best. When can you get in? We have a single apartment now, so it’s much nicer. Sure will seem good to see a guy (pardon me, Lt.) from Mpls. Our address is

362 Loma Drive

L.A. Calif.

Apt. 102


You can phone upstairs Ex-position 0873 and they will call me, I hope. If you let us know approx. when you’ll be in, we can have the “soup on”.

I’ll get this in the mail right away, Oh yes, I’ll meet you at the station if you come by train or bus or etc.

Mmmm – to dance with a good dancer for a change. –

See you soon Dip.


P.S. Sure I’m happy.

Christian Olsen