April 11, 1943 (Nancy Jordan)


April 11, 1943

My Dear Uncle –

Thank you so much for your very generous Birthday gift to me. At present I am hoarding Defense Stamps and 2 bonds, hoping they will help you win the war. I had a wonderful birthday, I received a lot of cute clothes and $4.50 in Defense Stamps, at the rate I’m going I’ll have much more money than my folks in ten years.

I hate to talk about myself all the time, but did you know that I can walk now? I took my 1st steps on Mar. 29. I’m still pretty wobbly and take a lot of spills but I guess it’s all in a lifetime.

We are all looking forward to your leave. We are afraid you will have an awful let-down when you come up against the civilian rations, but hope that being home will offset it.

Well, Unc., thanks again for the pile of stamps and also the clever card which my silly Mother will paste in my scrapbook.

Lotsa Love,



(after I get acquainted)

Christian Olsen