April 9, 1943 (Edna Alquist)


Apr. 9, 1943.

Dear Dorance

Gee, that was a good letter we got from you on Wed. and have been waiting for the check or P.O. money order you were going to send on Mon., but so far haven’t rec’d it. Am writing a few words tonight anyway & first, you forgot to enclose that price list which you mentioned, and also that Daddy has looked all over town for a foot-locker & finally found one for $13.00 and it cost $1.25 to ship same. So be looking for a foot-locker some of these days, have no idea how long it will take. All stores have them ordered, but seem to have trouble getting them.

Sure was big news about your leave and the $250.00. Mrs. Coll said Bob only got a couple of extra days travelling time because he was driving his car, so he only had a day or two at home, and he only got $150.00 for clothes. Daddy is going in to Juster’s and get you a complete price list so you can compare prices.

Hope you’ll get along fine the rest of the way now. Good luck to you. The weather is fine now, but we need rain awfully bad. Nancy’s birthday today, Dorothy said she was having a “hen & chick” party, whatever that is. We didn’t go down, as we are saving our gas until you get home. Will write again soon, so goodnight dear.

Love, Mother

We are fine, hope you are too.

Christian Olsen