April 12, 1943 (Edna Alquist)


Apr. 12, 1943

Dear Dorance,

Received your money order OK. & have deposited it in the bank. Hope you have received the foot-locker by now, and that it is what you wanted. Am enclosing a price list from Justers, that Daddy picked up today.

Juster Brochure b.jpg

Heard a bit of news yesterday, Sykes P. is engaged. He wrote to his folks to draw money out of the bank & go out & get his girl, take her to the Coll Jewelry Store & buy her a diamond ring. Mrs. Coll said her name is Rogers, didn’t remember her first name, she lives in Anoka. Do you know her? Or is she someone he got acquainted with after you left? Bet he got engaged by correspondence.

Talked to Mrs. Swanson today, she expects Harold Jr. to come home pretty soon. He is being sent to Colorado to some kind of a school. In my last letter I said Bob S. was in Morocco, that was wrong. Mrs. S. said that girl must have been mistaken as they now know definitely that he is in Ecuador, South America, patrolling the coast. Guess he’s doing alright, staff sergeant, which pays him pretty good & he is getting extra pay for each flight, Mrs. S. says he is buying a bond every month & sending home about $75.00 a month to bank. Isn’t that swell? Couldn’t save that much in civilian life.

The weather is very nasty. Yesterday it rained all day & today it has been cold & windy. Hope it warms up by the 1st of May.

Hope you are still on the ball & feeling fine. We are fine. Haven’t heard from Dot since the baby’s birthday but expect to hear tomorrow. She usually writes Sun. eve. Will close now, goodnight.

Love, Mother

Have you got Bob Swanson’s address, in case you haven’t.

                Staff Sgt. R. A. Swanson


                25th Bomb. Squad “H”

                A.P.O. #661 c/o P.M.

                New Orleans, La.

Juster Brochure a.jpg
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Christian Olsen