March 14, 1943


March 14, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad:

My, my here it is – 10:30 P.M. & I just happened to remember I hadn’t written my regular Sunday letter to you. So – here I am in the latrine writing – because lights are out in the huts – do you mind?

Say Mom – Happy Birthday! I guess this note should just about reach ya on the 18th. Hope so – because even tho I can’t send a gift right now I want the greetings to be on time. I didn’t get in town this week & they don’t have any Yankee Clover here on the post that I could send you in remembrance. Will try to get in town next weekend if things slow up around here.

This last week of Gunnery has been really terrific. Lots of studies, lots of firing & a few exams. And next week is supposed to be even worse – they call it the “Bloody Fourth”. We have a sum total of 7 big exams next week & will go out and firing problems about 5 times. Now you know why I stayed in this weekend. Two exams tomorrow morning & Service Practice (firing) all afternoon. Rough!!

Class 61 Test 2.jpg

Had a letter from Ches. Biven (used to work with me at Hdqs.) this week – he graduated from Army Admin. School in Fla. Last Wed. & is now Lt. Biven. Was assigned to a Chemical Warfare outfit in Alabama.

The weather has made a change for the better. Somehow the wind finally shifted around to the So. & it’s a lot warmer. Feels like spring is just around the corner.

About the Income Tax – I figured up my gross earnings last year & found that with the $250 deduction that every soldier gets, my salary only comes to $475. I don’t have to pay a tax because it’s under $500 but I do think I should make out a statement anyway. I’m going to the post office tomorrow & try to get a blank. If I can’t – I won’t worry about it. They can’t put me in jail cuz they need me to win the war.

Sounds like the Johnsons are in the money with all the decorating going on. Had a letter from Elaine yesterday – she told me all about it too.

I still feel swell - & have an appetite like a “G.I.” – just can’t get enough these days. No increase in weight tho.

Well – will close now & try to drop you a card in a couple o days.

With love,


X – that’s for Thurs. morning.

Christian Olsen