March 15, 1943 (Bob Coll)


March 15, 1943


Dear Dip:

Say do I owe you a letter? Well, I guess so. Just received word from home that you were really battin’ off the 5’s at Ft. Sill. Good job! I know that you had made application and that you attend school at Bragg but this was the first news I had of your actually being in Oklahoma. You know I’m keeping track of you even if I don’t write as often as I should. We have our good times & our bad times over here. Mostly good though. Nothing exciting has happened to me; just living the Army way quite as if I was in the States. As you have no doubt surmised all letters must be very abstract & not to the point so, consequently, not very newsy. I know you’re busy as hell so don’t worry about writing yet a while. If you see one of those V-mail forms around just send me a big “hello”. Hope you get a good assignment out of school, old pal.

The Very best of luck,


Christian Olsen