March 21, 1943


Sunday 3/21/43

8:30 P.M.

Dear Mom & Dad:

Here comes the weekly – hello – from the son again. How are y’all? I’m fine - & things are going as smoothly as can be expected.

We are now thru with the much feared “bloody 4th” in gunnery. As far as I’m concerned I thought this last week was much easier than some of the previous ones. They threw a lot of exams at us & we did a lot of firing on the range but most of our night studying was review for the exams. If you knew your stuff well, there wasn’t much to study – I studied.

Scratch Paper.jpg

Next comes the “filthy fifth” week in which we hit – forward observation – high-burst registration – VE corrections – Large T bracket & precision – K transfers - & metro message. Sounds rough doesn’t it – or does it just sound like a foreign language to you? We have only one week & a half left of gunnery & then we are all set to start Communications, a one week course.


I gave myself a treat last nite & took in a dance at the Service Club here. The band was super & it was great to hear good dance music again. The floor was very crowded & the girls were outnumbered 4 to 1 but it was fun anyway after so long. I can brag now of dancing with a W.A.A.C. too, cuz we had about a dozen of em here last night. The general run was not exactly A+ - I guess some of the gals who get in the WAAC’s are not as sharp as the ones you see in the papers & on posters. Anyway I danced with one & that’s sumpin.

I figured up my income tax total last week & found that, with all deductions, I didn’t owe the Gov’t a thing so I didn’t bother to make out a statement. I’ll probably be joining Al Capone soon for Income Tax evasion but that’s the way I figured it so I’m not worried.

The weather is fine down here now – has warmed up considerably – guess spring is here to stay.

Well – back to work – hope you are O.K. – will write – all my love. G’bye.


Christian Olsen