March 12, 1943 (Edna Alquist)


Fri. March 12th 1943

Dear Dorance –

Must write you a few lines before I go to bed. Have had a busy day today, as I did my Fri. & Sat. cleaning in one day, also some baking, as Dorothy and Arlo are coming up in the morning, so I want my work all done, so I can play with the baby & visit.

Didn’t know they were coming until noon today, so got a late start. Have gotten so lazy lately, as it doesn’t make much difference when I do things. I do my work when I feel like it, and when I don’t I let it go. I need an inspiration of some kind to really get going.

Got your letter, written last Sunday night, & kind of sounds like you were up kind of late that night for a hard-working man like you are now.

It has warmed up here a bit, melting all over the place yesterday and today. Hope the weather is better where you are by this time.

Went to a funeral yesterday. It was Howard Bjork’s mother that died. She was 80 years old, & had a stroke. I rode to the cemetery with Doris Alquist, and then we went up to Alquist’s. The old folk are getting so feeble, especially grandpa. It is a wonder he can live. He doesn’t know me or Daddy either now and is very childish. He is going to be 92yrs, so no wonder.

Haven’t heard any news this week so will make this letter short. We’ll write again after the kids go home. Hope to tell you that Nancy walks, Dorothy wrote last week that she was so close to it, that it sure wouldn’t be long. Hope you are feeling fine as can be & getting along great in school.

Lots of love


Christian Olsen