February 27, 1943 (Dip + Edna Alquist)


Sat. Feb. 27, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad –

Hey – that date up there sure looks familiar – if I’m not mistaken I was born on that same day about 25 years ago – am I right? I thought so.

Now for a little surprise for you – it so happens that Dorance is spending this birthday in the hospital. Don’t be alarmed – I’m as healthy as can be now and am getting out Monday. Remember that cold I wrote you about – well I just couldn’t seem to shake it & last Tuesday it just kicked back at me & this is where I landed with fever & Bronchitis. I recovered over night tho, so I guess all I needed was a chance to rest & let the old health catch up to me. The pave in school is terrific & I was going along from day to day trying to shake this cold – just couldn’t be done – I guess in the end the cold would have shook me. Oh well – this is a nice little vacation from the rat race. Of course it means I’ll be shoved back in Class 62 because I’ve missed a week of school. A person could never make up more than a day’s work in this O.C. School. They just go too fast, so whenever a man misses they set him back to the next class. Wheeler & Cook are both in class 62 so if I’m lucky I’ll be in it with them. It hurt to leave 61 tho, because I had made some real friends there. I’ll still see them but now as often.

The hospital here is exactly like the one I was in at Bragg. The nurses are not however up to the standards of the ones back there – not as pretty or as much fun. I finally got a chance to catch up on reading my Reader’s Digests – I brought along my last two & have just about gone thru ‘em. No mail so far will probably get it on Mon. when I get back to school.

Didn’t get my chance to fire a problem last Monday cuz only ½ the class fired but I probably will have my turn as soon as I go back.

You asked me if I still drew Sgts. pay. Yes I do – the only change was that we all had to rip off our stripes as soon as we got here. We keep our rank but in school we’re all considered on the same basis – as Officers Candidates.

Say I could use that portfolio to best advantage – it’s just exactly what I need. In every class they give up papers to keep & nothing to carry them in. So if you want to send it down I surely would appreciate it.

Oh you’ll have to excuse me now – here comes the nurse to wash my back (don’t you wish you were here – Daddy?) Oh me! So long

Love, Dorance



Dorance’s Birthday

Dear Dorance

Well, just wondering what you are doing on your birthday. Got a tummyache yet from all that candy? It was the only thing we could think of to send you, so hope you and your buddies are enjoying it. By the way, what kind of bunk-mates have you got? Where do they come from?

Received your money order and Daddy has deposited it in a fund under his name cause he has an idea that you are going to send for it when you graduate. Someone here seems to think you will have to pay for most of your clothes yourself, if, if, if, and when you finish. We’re pulling awful hard for you. Daddy said he just can’t relax and won’t until you come to the grand finale.

In regard to income tax, You’ll have to get in a huddle with your buddies and higher ups and find out. Seems as if you would be notified by the Gov’t. Am enclosing a clipping in regard to the Minn. State Tax, but then your not a Minn. resident at present, so am puzzled myself. Hope you can figure it out. Let us know.


The weather here has been mild to-day, but to-night the March winds are howling 24 hrs early.

We are going to Minnehaha to a dance to-night, for a change, as we haven’t danced for a couple of months.

Had a letter from Dorothy to-day, they are all fine and busy as ever.

Well can’t think of anything more to write about so hoping you’re still going strong & having a lot of good luck and feeling swell, we are,

With lots of love

Your ma & pa

Christian Olsen