March 2, 1943 (Edna Alquist)


Mar. 2nd, 1943

Dear Dorance

Gee, we sure are sorry to hear that you have been sick. It couldn’t have been a very happy birthday for you. By this time you must have rec’d your candy and eaten it. It was mailed on Tuesday before the 27th, so you should have had it in time. We mailed the portfolio to-day, & hope you will receive that by the end of the week.

Will you have to move away from your buddies when you join another class? Hope not. Too bad you had to lose one week’s time like that, but then maybe it will be good too. Who knows. Just so you surely feel well when you go back to work. Good thing we didn’t know that you were in the Hospital on your birthday, cause we were thinking of you and how maybe you were wishing you were home celebrating instead of so far away. We sure would have felt bad if we had known it.

It has been 15° below to-day & no relief in sight, the coldest March in 30 years. It seems we’ll never get rid of this winter, it has been a long cold one. I went to Bridge Club to-day, my, it sure was cold.

Haven’t very much to write about to-night, but seeing you wished for the portfolio, wanted to let you know that we sent it.

We are fine. Hope your feeling tops by now. Take care of yourself won’t you? Get as much sleep as you can. It pays in the end. Write when you can, as we’ll be anxious about you now, to hear how you feel and get along in the new class.



Christian Olsen