February 21, 1943 (Dip + Edna Alquist)


Feb. 21, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad:

Another Sunday & a chance to catch my breath. One week of Gunnery is now over & its been a rough one. They’re thrown just about everything in the books at us this last week & if I said I was busy before I must have been kidding. Thru Motors & Material I didn’t have to study too hard but now every night finds me in study hall. A fellow just has to hit the books because they go so fast & never go back over anything.

Class 61 Gunnery Test.jpg

Tomorrow the fireworks really start – we go out to the mountain range for our 1st service practice. We are going to fire arial precision problems with 75mm howitzers. We will not be at the gun positions but rather at the O.P. (observation post) where we observe & sense the rounds & adjust fire on the target. It’s a matter of keeping a mess of figures in the head & boy that’s a job for me – I’ll probably have the guns firing back at us in the O.P.

Am enclosing a little money order which I finally got around to making out. Say do I have to pay income tax this year? I have an idea that I do but not sure. If you could find out for me I’d appreciate it. I spose the U.S. Gov’t will let me know if I’m on their eligible list.

Had a letter from Dot last week which I hope to answer today – the letters are piling up on me lately cuz I just can’t find enuff time to answer them.

Your cookies came the day after Valentines day – just after your letter. The boys here in the hut liked your cookies just as well as they did back at Bragg, - they must be good.

The weather here this last week has been perfect – like June in Mpls. Of course Oklahoma weather is not exactly stable so anything can happen. Will Rogers once said (so they tell me) “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma – just wait a minute.” And that’s how fast it can change if the wind switches direction.

Well – the boys are a fixin’ to fire some blackboard problems & I’d better join them if I want to be “on the ball” tomorrow. So long – write.

Love, Dorance


Feb. 21, 1943

Dear Dorance

Rec’d your valentine, it was better than none. Glad to hear you are getting along so nicely with your school. The first thing you know, you’ll be half through. Time sure does fly. I feel like a heel, cuz I didn’t write all last week. The first part of the week, I was busy preparing to entertain the Birthday club of 12 on Thursday and after that I finished some crocheted holders for Virgy’s birthday on the 20th. Her boyfriend left Friday for Jefferson Barracks. We were over there last night celebrating her birthday with some Royale Rummy, lunch & birthday cake. Too bad you aren’t home for your birthday on the 27th maybe we’ll celebrate anyhow. Seems to me I remember we did last year.

We had a nice time last week in Austin. Nancy sure changes each time we see her. She crawls all over now, instead of walking as I thought she would by this time. Their home is very nice, lots of room. Wish I had it in Mpls. We didn’t take the bus as we planned. After enquiring about bus facilities, daddy decided to drive instead of having to stand up all the way to Austin & back. Weekend travel is terrific. The temperature was 21° below zero in Austin that Sun. morning, but with a blanket on our laps and the heater, we were comfortable, made it in 3 hrs, each way.

Your pocket book must be bulging. Hope you don’t lose it before you get a chance to take care of it. Don’t spose you have much time to spend any of it.

Went to Eastern Star meeting Friday night. They had an interesting program, honoring all mothers, sisters, wives of Service men. We all were lined up in the East, had to give the name and address of our man. You were the only one at Ft. Sill. I thought maybe there would be some more.

You sure are getting plenty to eat. We haven’t had any trouble yet. Tomorrow have to register for Ration Book #2, at Hiawatha School. By the way noticed you got a Xmas card from Miss Massa. Nice of her. I’ll have to thank her when I go over there, don’t spose you have had time. Did you get a card from Edythe Weid? She claims she sent you one. Didn’t see it among your cards.

Daddy brought home a brown leather American Linen portfolio cast with zipper all around 3 sides, 10x14 inches. Would you have any use for it to carry papers in? He wants you to have it if you can use it. I thought best to inquire before sending, so let me know.

How is your cold by now? Disappeared completely, I hope. Severn has been in the hospital at camp Phillips, and has had a minor operation, but is getting along fine now.

Johnny Holms is in the Air Corps too, at Jefferson Barracks. That’s about all the new I have. We are going for a little drive this afternoon, as it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon about 45° or 50° above, sunshiny & melting. If it keeps on like this our snow will be gone in a couple of days.

We are both fine, and hope you are too. Write when you get a chance.

Love Mother

Christian Olsen