February 19, 1943 (Marion Sneen)



Dear Dip –

Think you can read this “standing on your head”? Gosh, it does sound like a grind, so I’ll just have to excuse your slow reciprocations, I guess.

Yeah, I know the picture’s a dilly but it’s the only recent (not decent) one I have, so maybe if I take some down here, and if you’re real good and if the picture is good, I’ll send another.

This one was taken the day I left Minneapolis, and it snowed. (note – galoshes(sp?) well, overshoes)


Dippy, I can’t remember what I’ve written and what I haven’t written, but here goes about my job. 1-2-3 Start, = It’s with the Texaco Company. There are only two of us girls in one large room. (Venetian blinds & carpeting, ain’t we the mets?) We work for four men who all have private offices. (they’re engineers) and they couldn’t be nicer to work for. I like it so well. We work from 8:30  to 5:00 with 45 min. lunch and no Saturday work. Don’t have to work Monday either (Good ole’ George) so this will be sort of a 3-day vacation.

Oh yes, and I’m starting at $130 a mo. I think I got the pick of the crop, Don’t you?

Did you know Vie Hankemager (used to was Sablom) is living with us also? Well, she is! There are five of us girls about the same age living here so we have lots of fun and very little sleep. One of them know you, Dip. Remember, Jean Grothem? She went to South & I guess you courted her sister Mary Lou. How about that?

Did I hear you say your memory was failing?

We’re going to move into a boarding house, Monday. LaVerne Smith, Vie & I. It’s too ding busted crowded here. We sleep 3 in a bed (I’m the little one in the middle – a rose between two thorns – anyway that’s the way I feel when I commence to change position) Wow [corny?]

Last night we went to China Town for dinner and got ‘whistles on the street.’ Also bought a back-scratcher. Where does it itch? (scratch-scratch) There, does that feel better?

We had the gooeyest dinner – Eggflower soup, fried shrimp, fried pork almonds, three plates of I don’t know what, fried shrimp, a barbequed rib each, noodles, tea, and an almond cookie for dessert. So we went out and topped it with a good old American hot fudge sundae. Mmmmm.

(over) –give the page a flip-Dip.

Gosh I almost forgot a very important item. There is a swimming pool right by our “new home”. Come on up & we’ll Godiva or go diving or sumpthin’!

Didja hear about the moron who cut off his arms so he could wear sleeveless sweaters? Well – that’s the onliest one I can think of.

Heavenly days, it’s 12:30 –

Good Night,


P.S. Just thot of one. Didja hear about the moron who went to the meat market to get meat?

Vie says to say “Hi”

Christian Olsen