November 5, 1943


S.W. Pacific

Nov. 5, 1943

Dear Folks:

I suppose you’re surprised to get another letter from me so soon after I wrote one yesterday. I admit it’s a little out of the ordinary but so is the reason for my writing. I’m going to make a request that will no doubt leave you kinda puzzled.

Remember I told you that I had shipped home a box containing my blouse, pinks, woolens, etc. I doubt if you’ve received it yet – but when you do get it, I’d like you to send it right back to me. Now of course you think I’m completely nuts – well I’ll admit I’m a little “island happy” but I assure you I still know what I’m doing. According to the latest dope I am going to have some use for those dress clothes in the near future. That’s all I can give out now – more later.

If the box comes thru battered up you’d better recrate it. I’ve heard you can only send packages up to 8 lbs. but here are the magic words to put on it to get it thru O.K.:

Mailing Authorized by P.O.D. notice Mar. 12, 1943

That’s all for now. Just got back from the movies. The evening is cool & the moon is bright silhouetting the palm trees. Very beautiful night & very quiet. Well good night now must get to bed.

Love, Dorance

P.S. Include my garrison cap if you can squeeze it in. Thanks.

Christian Olsen