November 3, 1943


S.W. Pacific

Nov. 3, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad-

Funny how the mail comes through. Yesterday I got a V-mail from you dated Oct. 17th. – I know you’ve written some prior to that which I haven’t received. It gave every indication that you’ve heard from me since my landing but nothing was said about the 1st letter – the log. I know you’d mention it. Guess I’ll just have to sweat out those other letters.

Elaine wrote me a very nice long letter & she mentioned the log so I know you received it. She told me all about Est. & Elmer’s trip to San Fran. They weren’t back yet at the time she wrote but she was expecting them. Said she could hardly wait to hear all about Virgy’s wedding. She also said she was sending me a box of assorted things for Xmas. It came as a surprise to me cuz I really wasn’t expecting anything. In fact it’s awfully hard to realize that Xmas is so close. I’m not used to sweating in November. Guess I’ll have to make Elaine my favorite cousin just for that.

Say, Dad, did you do any hunting during pheasant & duck season this year? Or am I too early? Guess by now the golf games are just about shot.

Roge Loper wrote me – he has a job in New Caledonia as Engineer in the nickel mills down there. He gave me the scores of Minnesota’s first three games. They’re going O.K. He gets in touch with Lee every now & then.

George sent me a miniature photo copy of the complete Star Journal. It’s put out by Donaldsons & is complete even to the funnies, show ads, & Cedric Adams.

Dot tells me she’s going to patronize the Mayo’s this time for her blessed event. I told her it was very cosmopolitan of her to spread her business around to several hospitals like that.

Let me have a financial report the next time you write – just wondering how my bank account was coming along. Did you get that last $100 money order? (Oct. 1)

Things are just the same here – quiet. I feel fine & am working hard. Hope this letter finds you the same. G’by now.

The son,


Christian Olsen