November 2, 1943 (To Dorothy Jordan, Dip's Sister)


S.W. Pacific

Nov. 2, 1943

Dear Dot & Family:

The other day I received a V-mail from you dated the 21st of Sept. – must have been held up somewhere because I’ve already had one from you written on Oct. 1. However in it you did explain in more detail the coming blessed event.

Well Dot if you could make it a year or two from next March maybe I could swing a “leave.” It is impossible for me to ever get a furlough again – seeing as they’re only granted to enlisted men. I think that’s a great idea about patronizing the Mayo Clinic this time – you should get some expert attention there. Anyway I believe in being cosmopolitan about the whole thing. Don’t give one hospital all your business, Dot, give ‘em all a whirl. Did you know that Dorothy (Rogers) Durose is also expecting in March?


Today, for a change, I actually got some mail – 4 letters. Elaine wrote me a very fine letter telling me all about Virgy’s getting married. Gosh – she’s even sending me a package. I certainly wasn’t expecting anything like that. Too bad I’m not in a spot to buy something to send but I’ll just have to catch up on a later date.

Geo. Werdick sent me something very quaint today. It is a miniature photographed copy of the Start Journal (like V-mail). It’s all there too including funnies, sports, & theater ads. It’s put out as a novelty by L.S. Donaldson & Co – very cute. T’was dated Monday, Sept. 20th., fairly recent. Enjoyed reading Cedric Adams again.

Things are just the same here – very quiet. Keeping busy but not working too hard. Feel great & hope you three (4) are the same. Take care of yourself, Dorothy. How’s your workshop coming, Arlo – are you making another crib? So long now – don’t worry ‘bout me.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen