October 30, 1943


S.W. Pacific

Oct. 30, 1943

Dear Mom & Dad:

Yesterday I received a V-mail from you, one from Dot, & one from Bob Coll. In case you’re interested in comparing the dates, your’s was dated Sept. 26th, Dot’s Sept. 21st, & Coll’s Sept. 3rd. I have had letters from both you & Dorothy that are dated more recent than these last V-mails, so you see somewhere along the line my mail is being hung-up. So far your letters show no indication of having received even my first overseas letter (the log that I wrote on the boat). By the way if you notice all my letters have been via air-mail – it’s much faster than V & also I’ve decided a much more personal type of letter. Don’t you think so.

In all the info you’ve given me on the Virgy-Bud union you didn’t say anything about where they will live after the wedding. Will Bud be stationed around S.F. for a spell – if so I spose Virgy will stay with him. If that’s the case I’d like to write her & have her stop in & get acquainted with Nancy. She could show her the town.

Your mentioning Walt’s birthday reminds me that I wrote Jenille a V-mail letter not so long ago. I suspect that the little girl has never received one & should therefore get a big kick out of it. I also wrote Elaine & family a few days ago so I judge I’m doing fairly well by the relatives.

You asked me if I hear any short wave broadcasts & did I hear the Minn. – Missouri game. No – we don’t have any radios available in this neck of the woods. And please – when you ask me if I’ve heard a football game at least let me in on who won the thing! You know I’m interested in that team of ours.

I was surprised to hear that Rolie was home on leave. The overseas boys all seem to be getting a break at last. It was like him to stop in and see you. Wonder when Bob Coll will get back in the States again? He’s been over a long time now. I’ll bet Ardell is getting tired of waiting so long. It just seems impossible that a girl back there in civilization can stay completely true to a fellow overseas when there are so many chances to get around with those available. Of course in bull-sessions I’ve had with various fellow officers I find that the Minn. gals I’ve known are very much different from those in other parts of the country. Unless I’m prejudiced, the average mid-west gal is on a much higher moral & mental plane. Enough of this philosophizing.


Can’t remember when I’ve felt any better than I have these last few weeks. Have been taking sun-baths regularly so I’m even looking healthy. I’ve been eating quite well but don’t believe I’ve gained any appreciable amount of weight. However there are no scales handy so I can’t substantiate that statement. Those ribs that used to be so much in evidence are no longer so. My hair is starting to come back after that great set-back it received in the “Equator ordeal.” In my spare time I’m reading “Anna Karenina” which I bought in Frisco. The other officers get magazines thru the mail so I also read them. See a movie every night.

It’s now chow time so I’ll close. Hope everything is as well with you as it is with me. Nothing to worry about over here. So long.

Your loving son,


Christian Olsen