December 9, 1942

Corporal and Sergeant Warrants.jpg

Dec. 9, 1942

Dear Mom & Dad:

Here are my two warrants which I received each time I was promoted. I have no place to keep them so wish you would find some snug spot in my little desk for them. Pretty aren’t they! There worth keeping for future remembrances. Some day I’ll show ‘em to my boys & tell ‘em I was once a tough Sgt. in the U.S. Army.

Soon I’ll be sending home most of the books (& other accessories) I have here in my locker. You see I’ll have no time to read while I’m going to school anyway & if & when I ship out they’ll only be extra weight. In the meanwhile if I want reading matter we have an excellent library right here in the barracks. And the Readers Digest still gets to me every month.

Thanks for the can of cookies – Gee you & Dot must have gotten together or something. I no sooner finished Dot’s batch of cookies when along comes yours – pretty swell I calls it.

I see your short on coffee, sugar, & meat up yonder. That’s pretty rough. The only shortage we’ve noticed here in camp is milk & butter. We get milk only one meal every two days – pretty slim. Today we had butter for the first time in two weeks. They tell me most of it is going to our boys in Africa. I say – let the men in the fox-holes have it – goodness knows they’ve earned it. Expect a letter from you tomorrow so I’ll write again soon. G’nite.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen