December 5, 1942


Dec. 5, 1942

Dear Sarg. Dip –

Congratulations! Gee, that certainly is swell Dip. Sure, I noticed it right away.

Guess Sat. night is as good a nite as any to write a letter. Yup, I’m all alone this evening. Seems heavenly, no kidding. Just got thru doing the supper dishes. Isn’t that outrageous? (it’s 10:20 p.m.)

Gee! Are there ever some perfect orchestras on the radio tonight. Right now Jimmy Jay is on – Nice – They’re playing “Every night about this time” I like that piece, don’t you?


About my trip to Calif. Well, first of all, guess I’m only one of a million (including you, maybe) who feel they have to have a change or go nuts (one of the two.) It so happens I’ve saved some money so it’s “on to California.”

Hope I get a good job. If I don’t, I don’t know what comes next.

Don’t scold me for going, Dip. Everybody else is doing that. But my mind is made up (unless the gov. steps in).

No, I’m not ignoring the “love interest” angle, Dip. There just isn’t any.

Always did like Calif. There’s something about it. Maybe it’s just being “somewhere but your own home-town.”

Is that answering your questions? Glad you’re interested.

According to you letter, you were to start O.C.S. today. You have my sincere good wishes and yup. (----____----.)(Say, you nut, how do you expect me to write with my fingers crossed?) Promise I’ll cross them (both hands) when I finish this pot-purri of chatter, honest.


Did you have a nice thanksgiving dinner? We certainly did. Mom stuffed the turkey & the rest of us stuffed ourselves. Tomorrow, we’re having sort of a post-thanksgiving feast. My uncle gave us a goose duck, (sounds better.)

They’re playing that song again. Guess they know I’m home alone. Guess maybe, huh?

Better close now Dip, that thing called my brain is going to sleep on me. Will write more later. Study hard, but don’t over do it. You’ll make it, easy. Remember, they’re not looking for geniuses, just boys of normal intelligence & you’ve got them beat by a long shot.



Christian Olsen