December 3, 1942


December 3, 1942

Dear Folks:

Your letter came today – right on schedule. Hope you’re getting mine as regular. Just wrote one to Dot tonite. She sent a box of cookies for Thanksgiving but I haven’t had a letter from her for a long time.

Glad to hear they “inherited” so much money from Hormels – pretty nice for them. Now that they have to make a move, it will probably come in mighty handy.

I told Dot not to bother about sending anything but their best wishes down here to me this Christmas. I have everything I need & want except a white Xmas & you certainly can’t do anything about that. Don’t you think it’s rather impractical to exchange gifts under these conditions? As I said to Dot – it’s the thought that counts anyway, so let’s leave it go at that. Please tell Elmer & Esther how I feel in case they [are] wondering what to send.

It’s now 11:30 – I’m all alone in the day-room – all my pals are asleep. The last two days have been real snappy – even got my overcoat out tonight. It’s getting kinda cold in this day-room right now – can’t last much longer.

I’m not starting school this Saturday as I had expected. The date has been postponed on us so we’ll just have to wait. You see we have a whole bunch of V.O.C.’s here (men who volunteered for OCS when they enlisted) & they are going to clear them out before they take the cadremen like Wheeler & myself. Biven’s eyes were not good enough for F.A. so the Board has recommended him for Army Administration O.C.S. I think it’s a break altho Biven wanted Field Artillery pretty badly. He’s also just waiting for some action. Seems to be just a waiting game from now on for all of us. In the meantime this is not such a bad set-up here at Hdqs. Btry. & we can use all of our spare moments to study up & make school that much easier. When it comes it’ll be rough enough.

Lee wrote from Augusta. He’s anticipating a move soon. Mickey & he are getting along famously & he claims to be getting fat on her cooking. Lee heard from Rolie & claims the lad is near Africa. Said he wasn’t too far from Dakar. I guess Jones got over there just in time for the big show.

Lisy also wrote & of all things is in an M.P. detachment at Snelling. He must have pulled some ropes to get to stay close to Tops. He mentioned something about Bob’s going overseas. Don’t know if he means Swany or Coll. I know Swany is but I haven’t had an answer from Coll so I don’t know about him. Please contact Mrs. Coll & get all the hot dope – I’m anxious to know about my buddy. Also check on Jones.

Now I must quit cuz I’m getting a bit draftee. Good night – hope you’re both fine. All my love.


Christian Olsen