November 29, 1942


Dear Mom & Dad:

Your letter with the Thanksgiving Greetings came right on schedule. I got it Thursday – just after consuming half a turkey. We had a grand feast & naturally, as always has been the case on that day, I wrapped myself around a good share of the “King-bird.” Besides the feast this year, Hdqs. battery kicked-in with a box of Whitman’s candy (or a carton of cigarettes) for each man. Pretty nice, eh?

Just got a swell box of cookies from Dorothy today. They’re the kind with chunks of bitter-chocolate in them. She also packed a jar of peach-preserves. One of these nights we boys are goin to have a little bread & jam session.


Well, this was kind of a quiet weekend. Stayed right here in the barracks & did bunk-fatigue. I finally got all of my pictures mounted in my album – t’was some job. It took me all Saturday afternoon & most of today to do it, but I’ve really got a fat book of pictures. Took some inside snaps today – I’ll send you the best ones.


This will probably be my last free weekend for a long time. As you know I start school next Saturday & will be pa-lenty busy from then on. Don’t know when or if I’ll get any time to do any Xmas shopping this year. If anyone asks you what I want for Xmas this year – tell em to buy one of Uncle Sams Bonds so the war will end & I can come home soon. That’s all I ask.

Glad to hear Daddy’s eye is better – hope you are both very well – I am personally in the best of health. So long for now – will write soon – naturally.

Lots of love,


Christian Olsen