December 14, 1942


December 14, 1942

Dear Marion:

I take my pen in hand – the immediate result – a letter to you. How are you tonight? Of course I can’t hear your answer, so I’ll just take it for granted that your in the best of health & spirits.

Your letter came yesterday – about all your plans for Sunny California. No, Marian, I won’t be like all the rest of the folks & tell you you’re foolish for making such a drastic move. I like a person who knows his own mind, & isn’t afraid of making a change when it’s necessary. That’s about the way I feel right now myself, Marian, that’s why I welcome all the hardship & cramming this O.C.S. is going to bring.

On the other hand, Miss Marian, I hate to think that this is going to be a permanent trip to Cal. There’s going to be a lot of Mpls. folks missin’ ya – including some who are now under the guiding hand of Uncle Sam. If you know what I mean.


You’ll land a good job when you get there, Marian, I’m certain of that – my male intuition. At any rate – the best of luck to you & I’ll be pulling as hard for you as you are for me in school. Just remember, it’s just as easy to write from California as it is from Minn. Will ya? Wouldn’t it be a coincidence if we were to meet way out there on the west coast about 4 months from now. A lot of the boys are sent from Sill to Cp. Roberts when they’re commissioned. Anything is possible in this crazy world of ours today.

That quiet Sat. nite you were enjoying when you last wrote sounds very inviting. Sorry I couldn’t be there to break up that “all alone” part of it. Yes I do like “Every Nite-“, but better than that I like “I Have the Craziest Dreams” especially Harry James’ recording of it. I just about melt every time I hear it.

I didn’t start school two weeks ago as first scheduled. The date was shoved ahead a couple weeks to give my fill-in clerk a better chance to grasp the job. Two of us are leaving the section so it’s a bit rough to break in new men. I’m due to start next Sat., tho, so it won’t be long – I’m pa-lenty anxious.


Just had a letter from Lee & Mick, & are those two ever the happy married couple! Micky’s cooking cooking (sorry – I stutter) such good meals that Lee has to let out his trousers an inch or two. No doubt about it – they’ve got the real set-up way down there in Georgia.

Also heard form Rolie this week. He couldn’t say much about his present position on the globe or about his life on the waters because of censorship. A couple of sentences were cut out as it was. Evidently he’s O.K. tho & I guess that’s what really matters. He sent a picture of himself in his gov outfit &, say, that reminds me –

How about a picture, Marian, I don’t have one of you anywhere in my possession. Lets exchange a couple of snapshots – whats say? Do you think you know me well enough?

With that little plea – I lay aside my pen with a hope that you’ll not wait too long before you take your in hand. Good nite.

Yours, Dip

Christian Olsen