December 27, 1942


December 27, ‘42

Dear Mom & Dad:

Well – well what happened to Dorance – is that what you were saying? I don’t blame you a bit cuz it certainly has been a while since I last wrote. Earl wrote a letter of explanation to you, which I hope you got.

In that letter I guess he told you how busy I’ve been This Center School O.C.S. is rough. We go continuously from 8 A.M. ‘till 6 P.M. & then study until Midnight or after. Boy – I’ve had more work shoved at me in 3 ½ days last week (we had Thurs. & Fri. off for Xmas) than I had in 3 ½ weeks in Univ. night school. It’s all very interesting tho & we’re having the time of our lives. The toughest part is keeping up the constant grind & rush – yesterday I took time off to sneeze & it threw me a way off schedule. If I don’t pass it won’t be because I didn’t try cuz I’m goin to give it all. I’m enclosing a sample weekly schedule so that you can get some idea of what it’s like. This schedule is an old one from another class in their 3rd week – our 1st week schedule is even rougher. We cover about 3 more subjects a day & we have an extra hour tacked on to our school day. We also have to make up for those 2 holidays – probably with night classes. We’ve only had 3 ½ days so far & are already firing axial precision problems (on paper).

Can’t thank you too much for that swell traveling bag – there isn’t time. It was just what I wanted & need. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to do a little more extensive shopping than I did – hope you understand. Thanks again. Call Esther & Elmer & Elaine & Virgy & thank them right away for their nice gifts & tell ‘em I’ll write soon.

Now I must go back & crack the books. My letters from here in will be shorter notes but I’ll try to keep ‘em comin. So long. I hope you all had a swell Xmas as usual. Happy New Year to ya.

Lots of Love,


Christian Olsen