December 26, 1942 (Marion Sneen)


December 26, 1942

Dear Dip –

Thanks so much for the candy, Dip. It was the sweetest gift I got. Gee! It was such a pleasant surprise.

Hope you had a nice Xmas. I certainly can’t complain. Santa was overly generous. Dad made me the nicest bookcase. Wish you could see it, Dip. Mom put all my books in it and it looks swell. Oh yes, then I got a slip, 2 pr. Socks, a sweater, some towels for my trip which probably won’t pan out.


Dot wrote, saying Jack (her husband) may be transferred to Randolph Field in Texas. Got my ticket already too. Oh well, I’m giving my notice tomorrow anyway, no matter what.

Sure, I’ll write to you. From (?).

Yesterday, Christmas Day, our whole family had a lovely dinner at my sister’s. There were 16 of us. We had the best time. Of course, my brothers had to play their usual joke on me. (a tack on my chair) I was wondering why everyone was so impatient when I wanted to help serve, and insisted I “sit down!” So, I did, but not for long. Wow! It still itches.

Oh yes, they took me bowling with them & I dropped that great big ball right smack on my left toe. Oof! I learned one thing that afternoon. (Never laugh at one who drops bowling ball on toes.) Honestly, Dip, my toe is all blue & maroon today.

Say listen, Dip, if “I Have the Craziest Dreams” makes you melt, please don’t listen too hard or you’ll be a Drip instead of a Dip. Will ya. Or, I mean, won’t ya?

Glad to hear about Rolie. No one seems to know much about him. Good to know he’s O.K.


Sure, we’ll exchange snapshots Dip, as soon as I can dig up a flattering one. Ho ho.

No I won’t wait that long. I’ll send on soon. You do the same.

Best of luck in school, and I won’t feel slighted if I don’t get too many letters. So study hard, Dip, I know you will.

I hope you have a Happy New Year! All through the year.

I’ll be writin’ ya,


Christian Olsen