December 22, 1942 (Earl Cook)


December 22, 1942

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Alquist:

“Dip” has asked me to write you a short note to lessen any anxiety that you might have because of the fact that he hasn’t written for a few days. As you know, he started to school last Saturday and has been very busy studying since. It’s a tough course and will take practically every minute of his time for the next month, but, with the confidence you have in him and the confidence that he has in himself, he shouldn’t have very much trouble passing. Yesterday he had his first full day of classes beginning at 8:00 A.M. and ending at 6:00 P.M. Last night he studied until midnight prepairing for today. That will be his schedule for the next month with the possible exception of week ends when he will have some time for himself.

The box which you sent arrived last Friday. On opening it, he tore the paper protecting the suitcase, so he know what one of his gifts is. However, he is obeying “orders” and saving the other packages until Christmas Day. He is well pleased with the case and will be able to put it to good use.

Our Christmas Holiday begins Thursday morning and ends Saturday morning. Rather unusual for the Army. “Dip” thinks that the school will observe the same days, and if so, he will write to you then. So—until he writes, he sends his love and best wishes that you all have a grand holiday season, and—even though ho cannot be there in person, I know that his thoughts will be with you.


Earl W. Cook.

For “Dip”

Christian Olsen