December 28, 1942 (Jeannette Davidson)


December 28, 1942

Dear Dip,

Hi there! I thought I would let you be the first to receive a letter on my new stationary. Have a fancier type too, but didn’t think the perforated edges would stand the rough handling enroute.

I was so happy to receive your letter today. Evidentally you didn’t receive the box I sent you, and I so wanted you to have it for Christmas. It went directly to the post office on the morning of the 18th, but I guess one can’t count on mail deliveries now.

Mom mailed a package on the 21st to 58th & Humboldt and the lady didn’t receive it until today. Small town we live in!

If the package did get lost, or enclosures too stale to eat, just write Jeannette a letter and she will gladly “whip” up another batch.

If I shut my eyes now I know I would fall asleep.

Roger, my cousin, from LaCrosse became an Ensign last Thursday and is sailing from Norfolk, Va. on the 4th. Of course he had to come up and see his “country cousin” (his version) and all of us talked until 2 A.M. Of course I was elected to sleep on the Davenport for the total sum of four hours.

Janie, from Connecticut, is home for Christmas, and now tonight the Davidson’s are calling on them. Always something to keep me out of mischief. You know me better than that tho, don’t you?

Be good, don’t work too hard, and I’ll be thinking about you Dip.



Christian Olsen