November 4, 1942


November 4, 1942

Dear Mom & Dad:

Sorry I couldn’t get home last week but I just couldn’t catch any train cadres going up that way.

I got your letter today, Mama, & gee – it certainly was a full one. Sorry to hear about Grandma’s illness – nice that you can have her home where you can take good care of her. Tell her that’s what she gets for going around without her coat buttoned up & her overshoes on – that’s what she used to tell me when I got the sniffles.

My nose has been dripping a little today so I might be catching a cold myself – hope not. If I do it’ll be the first one in over a year. Not a bad record for me.

Better give Mrs. Jones a ring some day – I hear (whoops pardon me – I was going to tell you about Art’s going overseas but you told me).

Lentoni just got his commission at Sill on Oct. 22. He did all right too because he is being assigned to the staff there as an instructor in gunnery. Matt Gonring, another of my army buddies, was commissioned with Lentoni & went down to an outfit in Missouri.

By the way, before I forget it. I’m enclosing a money order for $55.00 – hope you found it. The bank account ought to come up to normal again now.

Well now for the news. Lots has happened since I last wrote home. First of all – I submitted my application for O.C.S. last Wed. Capt. Harris gave me a good recommendation; in fact he gave Biven, Wheeler, & I (recommended with confidence). Last Monday morning the 3 of us went down to Center Hdqs. & took our test & then were interviewed by a board of 5 officers. I cracked a 100 on the math & Biven copped a 100 on the current events. Today we got a special order from Center saying that we had all been accepted & are to start Center school on Nov. 14th. This means one month of tough going – plenty of study – then if we pass the school we go to Sill for the 3 months O.C.S. So at last we’ll get our chance – keep your fingers crossed. After Nov. 14th I’ll have to forgo all letter writing & shows etc. They’re pretty worried down at Hdqs. Now about replacements for the 3 of us – key men – ahem!

Well – we drill tomorrow so must get some rest. Hope things are O.K. at home. G’nite.

Love, Dip

Christian Olsen