October 23, 1942



Dear Mom & Dad:

Yup – I’m back safely. Didn’t get a chance to send a telegram cuz I had to practically run for every connection. Hope you didn’t worry too much not hearing from me.

The trip on the 400 to Chicago was a pleasure – fast & comfortable. Got in Chi just in time to catch the “Gotham Limited” at 10:15 P.M. The jaunt on it to Harrisburg was fairly comfy because it had those reclining seats. I bought a pillow for two-bits & got some sleep. Didn’t get to Wash. till about 6:45, an hour & a half late. There I caught the 7:05 train for Fayetteville – a cattle car if I ever saw one. At 5:00 A.M. I rolled (I mean jerked) into Fay. After 10 very grueling sleepless hours.

Wed. morning we played basketball for our physical program. Well after an hour of that on top of no sleep I was just about beat. I was pretty numb at work all day but managed to keep on rollin till 5 o’clock. Right after chow though, I sandwiched in between the sheets & slept the clock around.

Today I felt very O.K. & well rested. Had a lot of exercise too. This morning we encountered the “obstacle course” as a part of our training. The “obstacle course” is a series of walls, rope ladders, ditches, & tunnels, etc. Running at top speed it takes about 3 ½ minutes to tour the course – its really a test of endurance. It was our first time on it so most of us were walking over the finish line. On top of all that work out this morning we played some basketball tonight after work. Still feel good – must have been all that sleep.

This weekend Wheeler is taking Biven & I home with him to S.C. We’ll drive down & take the train back. I’m certainly getting my share of train rides.

A letter from Sykes was waiting for me when I got back. There was no date on either the letter or the envelope. This time he was a little more informative altho he still couldn’t say where he was at. He says that the doings of his outfit have been in the newspapers. He says he’s in a landing force & right in the thick of battle. My guess is the Solomons. What’s yours? Possibly the Aleutians. I’d like to round up all the Kins & go give him a hand. By the way he talks he’s been thru h--- & probably is at this moment according to the latest news.

That’s about it for now. Good night. Keep an ear out for my whistle.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen