October 14, 1942


Oct. 14, 1942

Dear Mom & Dad:

Well – at last I have a breathing spell – a chance to take a few moments to sit down & write home. I’ve been so busy ever since I got back from furlough that I have written only one letter, that was the one to you last week. Have been working every night ‘till around 10:30. I could have worked tonight also but – the heck with it. Biven came back this morning so I guess we’ll have things in hand before long.

That was certainly sad news about Bill Holm. Just when Bill seemed to have things breaking his way – a nice wife & a real spot in the service – that had to happen. Doesn’t seem quite fair. You didn’t give any particulars of the crash, but then I don’t suppose the A.F. revealed much about the incident. Well that’s the first of the war casualties among the near acquaintances – hope we don’t have many more.

The other day Major Pagels our Regt’l Adj. asked me if I’d like to go on “train – cadre.” Explanation: every time we ship out a bunch of men to other camps they have to be accompanied by an officer & 1 or 2 non-coms. It means a nice trip to “somewhere U.S.A.” with all expenses paid. Naturally I said I’d love to have the chance, so he put me on. Don’t know where I’ll go or when but have a hunch it’ll be sometime in the next couple o’ days. He said it’d be a long trip so I’ll be gone a week at least. Was going to send home some money but now I’d better hold on to it ‘till I see what cooks. Of course the trip will not be just a picnic because we’ll have to herd around about 60 or 70 men. The boys have been telling me to take my skis along cuz it might be somewhere up in the Aleutians.


I’m glad Dot liked the pictures – I haven’t heard from her yet altho I did receive a box of fudge from her. It was pretty crumbled but still plenty good.

I did manage to see a movie over last weekend – My Sister Eileen, Rosalyn Russell & Brian Ahurn. This is not merely a movie but an experience. I haven’t enjoyed a show as much since Mrs. Miniver – it was really great! I laughed so much I couldn’t quit even after the thing was over. Everyone here is still talking about it & reacting parts of it.

Got a wedding announcement from Lorraine Schmidt down at the office. She married Corkie Coll last Oct. 6th. I sent her a telegram wishing them luck.

Well right at the moment I can’t think of any other important conversation so I’ll just close & write soon. Feel swell & hope you all do too.

Loads of Love,

The son.

Christian Olsen