October 5, 1942


Oct. 5, 1942


Dear Mom & Pop:

Back again – to the old grind. Now, after being back for 3 days – it doesn’t seem as if I’ve even had a furlough. Strange – the way a man can orient himself in such a hurry. When I’m home seems as if I haven’t been away & when I’m away seems ages since I was home. Well – I guess that’s the best kind of reaction to have – it beats homesickness. Every time I set foot in camp right after furlough though, it really seems like a dreary place. The first day is a blue one.

The trip back home was a very enjoyable one. Rode from Mpls. to Chicago with a clergyman about 85 years old. He had lots to talk about – it made the 400 miles go by very fast. Arrived in Chicago at 2:45 & left at 5:30 on the Pennsylvanian, an air-conditioned train with diesel engine & comfortable reclining seats. The Penn. pulled into Wash. at 11:45 Friday which left me 5 ½ hours to mess around Washington. My reservation was being held for me on the Tamiami – so I had another luxurious ride all the way to Fayatteville. It so happened that I drew a seat right next to a British lassie of about 20 or 21 years. She had just come over 2 years ago after the first bombing of England. She was on her way down to Florida to regain her health after a nervous breakdown. She works in Wash. for the British Ministry. It was really quite an experience talking to her & listening to that amazing accent of hers. I really interviewed the gal – got all her British views on the war, on the American people, etc. She likes our country very much & wants to live here after the war – she said she thought there was so much more opportunity over here for the individual. She wasn’t exactly the reserved & “hard to get acquainted with” type of Britisher according to the popular opinion about that race. Nice looker too – but married – doggone the luck.

In Wash. I spent my time going through the Capitol, the Congressional Library, & the Senate building. Congress was in session that afternoon so I sat in on it for a while. A raging debate was taking place with a full packed Senate in session – a total of 11 men. I trust the remainder of the boys were out for about 27 holes of golf.

When I got here – Biven had already left on his 10 day furlough. I must have passed his train on the way down from Wash. I’m now going to be alone & no doubt very busy for the next 10 days.

Yesterday – Wheeler & I took a ride to Dunn, 25 miles from here, for Sunday dinner. We had one of the best sirloin steaks we’ve had for many moons. Wheeler had signed for my pay - & had it for me when I got back so I’m rich again. That’s all for now. Write soon.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen