November 12, 1942


Nov. 12, 1942

Dear Mom & Dad:

Take another look at that envelope before you read any farther. See that new prefix to my army name? How do you like that? I was made Sgt. yesterday – meant to write last night but was too busy (as I’ll soon explain). So move over “Daddy” – your not the only “Sgt.” in the family now!! (new salary $78.00 a month)


Last night I spent most of the evening at the dental clinic (they work night & day here). My appointment was at 6:30 P.M. & lasted ‘till 8:00 P.M. In that hour & a half I had five cavities drilled & filled – these army dentists don’t fool around you see. Well that finishes me up with the dentist, so again I have a healthy mouth. The lieutenant who worked on me said it had been a long time since he had seen such excellent dental work as I had in my mouth – he especially raved about that gold work that Doc. Flagstad did that last session. He even called over a couple of his associates to look it over. Daddy – if you should happen to mention that to the Doc when you see him, it might make him feel pretty good.


From your last letter I gathered you didn’t get the last letter I wrote to you. Because in it I told you that I had put in my application for Officers school & you didn’t comment one way or another, so I guess you must not have received the letter. Anyway I passed the exam, passed the interview, passed the physical, & was scheduled to start Center school here this Saturday, Nov. 14th. However the date of entry into school has been shoved ahead & altho its still indefinite, - I think I’ll be starting in 2 weeks on the 28th. At any rate it’s just a matter of time – I’ve been accepted.

Have been working like a dog on the job lately. Biven has been helping out on another job so I’ve been holding up the Officers Section alone & at the same time breaking in a new man on the job, to replace me when I go to school. Biven & Wheeler, by the way, are also going to start O.C.S. with me. It’s rough on Hdqs. because they have to replace all 3 of us at once - & we are all veterans.

Happy to hear that grandma is back to health again – I personally think she’s good for another 81 yrs.

Doesn’t the war sound good? T’was quite a surprise – the forces landing in Africa like that. I’ll bet Jones has got his hands full.

Lee wrote & said that he & Mick have a little home down there in Augusta – he says its “heaven on earth.”

Well that’s all the news & all the space, so good night & I’ll be waiting to hear.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen