November 22, 1942


Nov. 22, 1942

Dear Mom & Dad:

First of all I might tell you that those “sniffles” I told you about a couple of letters ago never got past the “nose-running” stage, so I still haven’t had a cold for over a year. Not a bad record – eh?

Say, I wish you could see our new cadre club – it’s really nice. Only cadre-men of the 3rd Regt. Can belong – it’s right next door to our barracks, very handy. They’ve been working on it for a month now & just opened it up yesterday afternoon. Col. Yerbee drew the first beer (all foam). The club has been made over from a classroom – a beautiful modern bar at one end (beer & soft drinks), a juke box, lots of tables & chairs, spot for dancing & venetian blinds on windows. The gross receipts last night (opening night) were $132 – quite a success. All the “top” sgts. were there with their fat wives & families. Even kids – next week we plan to build a sandbox in one corner for the children.


I will be starting school on Dec. 5 – at least that’s the way they have us scheduled. Biven had a tough break on his application – he was turned down for F.A. because his eyes, even with specs were not correctable to perfect vision, 20-20. This means he will be recommended for some administrative officers school. Maybe it’ll be a break for him but he was sorry he couldn’t get into F.A. because he wanted that type of service. He’s tired of desk work, as are Wheeler & Dorance. James J. Wheeler as also starting on Dec. 5. No James & Chester didn’t get a promotion – maybe later I hope.

Well, well – I certainly was shocked to hear about the Sgts. operation on his eye. Hope he’s feeling better now & I’m glad it’s nothing serious. Take good care of those eyes Dad – you’ll need ‘em next spring to hit that little pill. (I see Jonas is having the same trouble)

Winchell is now coming on so I must listen. I’ll write soon, so until then – good night.

Love, Dorance

Christian Olsen